6 Comrades who shout out “Over” against the tyranny of Erdogan has been taken under costudy!

Thereafter the speech of Erdogan “If the people say ‘over’, I will step aside”, we have organised an “Over” action in Kadıkoy. After this action, at 19.00, we have organised a second action that police attacked. The people of Kadıkoy supported the action. Afterwards the action, police chased the people who attended the action and took 10 people under custody in which our 6 comrades included. Comrades are still being held in police station.

We are living in a political process where the voice of the street has been forgotten, where the solution has been looked for in the ballots and elections; we say “Over, it is enough!” to dictatorship, prohibitions, repression, economical crisis, stealing our lives!

Repressions, Custodies can not discourage us!