Em Hemu Kawane Li Dijî Dehaqan

Suruc, Amed, Antalya, İstanbul, Yalova

March 21, the peoples’ Newroz was celebrated all over the geography that we live in. The tradition of uprising has been continuing with the fires of revolt, halays of freedom and the solidarity spirit of the peoples’ since Kawa and will continue. Today, the ones who flooded the squares against Dehak’s have joined hands showing once again the brotherhood of peoples’. As Revolutinary Anarchists, we were in the squares of Suruc, Amed, Antalya, Istanbul, Yalova to grow the fire of revolt against Dehak’s and to defend the struggle of the oppressed with our infinite conviction in freedom.

Newroz Pîroz Be!
Em Hemu Kawane Li Diji Dehaqan!