Monotype Prison Uniforms are the New Repression Tools of State

In the past few days, turkish state anaounced a new execution for the prisoners. The execution directly targets the revolutionary prisoners. The monotype prison uniforms will be an obligation for the revolutionary prisoners by this execution. To protest this repressive execution, with the call of Solidarity Inıtiative for Prisoners (that DAF is also part of this initiative), a protest has been organised in front of Bakırköy Women Prison/Istanbul.

To protest this new execution of the state, we put boxes on our heads which symbolize state’s monotypism, torture, isolation in isolation policies. By the media declaration, the similarity of the processes of 12 Eylül Coup period(1980) and “state of emergency” period which has started last year has been underlined. Like the struggle of the revolutionary prisoners in 12 Eylül Coup period, revolutionary prisoners will give struggle against these kind of fascist policies. We will continue the struggle against these impositions of state, torture and repression policies in “state of emergency” period in and outside of the prisons.

Revolutionary hearts will destroy the cells!