An anarchist criticism to “OCCUPY” As an activity of “99%”

A study named An Anarchist Criticism to “Occupy” has published.

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Occupy Wall Street: From Beginning to Today—5

The Features of the Activity—6

‘Peaceful’ and ‘Nonviolent’ Activity—6

‘Depoliticism’ and ‘Spontaneity’—7

Space Politics—7

Social Media as an Organizer of Public Opinion—8

Demands of the Activity—8

Socio-Economic Groups in the Activity—12

Known and Unknown Realities about the Activity—12

Not Peaceful But Reconciling Way of Action—18

Active Individual or the Individual of Activity?—19

Occupy or ‘sitting for a long time as an activity?—21

Is the Activity a Simulacra?—23

‘Not Anti Capitalism, But Capitalism for Everybody’—24

To know the unknown—25

Changes in US: “Obamaean Changes in Glass Steagall—27

Reflection to Turkey—30




It is not a coincidence to analyse the phenomenon, which is brought to our agenda through the news, web sites etc. for the last several months, at a time when breaks/changes in the capitalist system obviously reveal themselves. To talk about an activity “occupy” which mobilized USA, to examine and discuss it and make it discussed, is the actual desire of this text.

While we have been examining a method of opposing, which seems pretty rightful, we have questioned the source of this rightfulness through the text. We have tried to present a study which refers many subjects, varying from the social character of the participant groups, to their economic conditions, from the created effects of the activity to what it wants to create, from the conception of the opposition which was desired to be the representation on the world, to the supporters of this opposition.

While discussing the activity, for sure, we were limited temporally, which made us evaluate the things which were written or scribed just before the process of the planning of this text and just before this text has been finished. Although any situation which comes up after the text is done, will not take its place, we have made some predictions related to near future in this context.

As it was mentioned before, the text intend to question and discuss the conception which perceives the activity of “occupy” as rightful and as a movement. While doing so, it wants to analyse an activity, which is embraced by opposing groups all around the world, through the data which are tried to be presented completely.

These data are clearly stated in the first part of the text, which contains two parts. The second part which is more comment, approaches the activity not only in itself but also as a new conception of opposition, considering the data given. Together with all these, wants to present an interpretation which evaluates to practice.

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