The ones who haven’t been eating and surviving on sugar solutions for months ARE NOT HUNGRY! YOU ARE HUNGRY!


DAF Salutes Hunger Strikers;

You are the ones who attack everything and whining “more and more”! You are the ones who exploit everything without limit saying “I should have more houses, more cars, more money”! You grovel for power, cringingly curry favor. You crush for power, with delight. You fear to lose your gains, your world is full of this fear. You have you private security, you police, military, laws, state, but you still fear. After all, your unsparing hunger is because of your fear. Having this fear of losing, what you steal is never enough for you.  You fear the ones who want freedom, you fear the ones who question with freedom, who want justice. You know that one day, the ones who resist for justice, real justice, will demolish your world of abundance. You sic your police to attack, club, gas, beat, torture, jail and murder. Despite you do everything, you fear and your hunger don’t alleviate. We are living with the passion of a world of freedom and justice, that we will build on top of the ruins of you world which we will demolish.

We salute Kemal Gün in Dersim, Semih Özakça and Nuriye Gülmen in Ankara, hunger strikers for Palestine incarcerated in prisons of Israel.

Bildiriler, Sokak