Lockers Initiative locked down high schools at many cities of turkey in “November 24, The Day of Teachers”

Lockers Initiative locked down high schools at many cities of turkey in “November 24, The Day of Teachers”
This action implemented in 5 cities that Istanbul, Izmit, Ankara, Adana, Antalya after the celebrations of “November 24, The Day of Teachers”
13 schools locked down that: “Antalya Bileydi Anadolu Lisesi, Antalya Yavuz Selim Lisesi, Ankara I.M.K.B Endustri Meslek Lisesi, İzmit Atilim Anadolu Lisesi, Adana Ugur Dershanesi, İstanbul Kadikoy 50. Yil Tahran Lisesi, Bostanci Senesenevler Lisesi, Bostanci Hayrullah Kefoglu Anadolu Lisesi, Kadikoy Intas Lisesi, Kocamustafapasa Ozel Sahakyan Noryan Ermeni Lisesi, Kagithane Lisesi, Beyoglu Ticaret ve Anadolu Ticaret Meslek Lisesi, Besiktas Erhan Gedikbasi Cok Programli Lisesi ”
Teachers and students who came to gate of school to enter  the school, saw  that gates are locked down and many flyers written “this school locked down by Lockers Initiative” signed “Lise Anarsist Faaliyet”
This locked down condition continued 1 hour to 3 hours. At some schools gates are completely broke down to enter the school by officers.
Despite anger of the authorities of schools this position have been so enjoy and ironic for students.
This “November 24” gifted to students, not to teachers.

Here is Locker Initiative’s commentary:
We are the children whom you dragged away to schools although lots of our cries.
You tried to teach us Turkishness and oath to our nation when we haven’t understood yet “why did we get in these giant walls?”
You fill up our mind with useless knowledge. You gave us your system’s knowledge when we haven’t acquired knowledge of life.
Even you didn’t give permission to our Kurdish friends to learn this kind of knowledge in their native language.
You uniformed us to create more obedient slaves for system.
You meddled to our hair, our hijab, our clothes.
You put us in regulative align.
You forced us to wear uniform to work militarism in our minds.
Every morning we woke up early due to your educating us by time domination.
You think you success. You think you produce obedient, consumer, selfish, deprived of passion individuals.
Therefore we are locking your competitive and authoritarian schools that products slaves to capitalism.
In this way when we lock down your schools we are opening the doors of the world in our hearts.
We are getting closer to a world which is no one locked up in jails named school, there is no ownership of knowledge, knowledge increasing with solidarity and sharing.

High School Anarchist Action

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