School sabotages

LAF; Our Gift is Our Rebel

Like every year, this year again High School Anarchist Action (Lise Anarşist Faaliyet-LAF) , prepared a
celebratory rebel for their friends, instead of giving gifs for the Theacher’s Day on 24th November.

LAF put a spoke to school authorities and teachers wheel, calling their friends to not to give gifts for
the teachers but to rebel against the slave fabrics called ‘school’.

Last year by the name of the Initiative of the Lockers, LAF carried out many sabotage actions in 13
different cities, and locking the gates, many of the schools were forced to stay closed in the morning
and to be off for half school day.

This year again, many sabotage actions were carried out with a suprising timing, in many
neighbourhoods in İstanbul. Stating; our actions will go on throughout the week, saying, our gift is
our rebel; many flyer have been thrown to school gardens, many walls and name plates have been
painted and made non-visible, and the gates have been locked.

The schools which are locked, could not be entered and the name plates and the main gates have
been taken out.

When the four gates of Rottary 100. Year Highschool of İstinye were locked, the students couldn’t
get even in the garden during the first lesson. Only after the gates were taken out the students
could get in the school. The action caused an exam to be called off. All the name plates and walls of
Behçet Kemal Highschool of Sarıyer have been painted. The name plate which is seen impossible to
be cleaned, has been taken out at the 6th lesson, till the new one comes. It has been tried to find
different ways for enterance to Kemal Atatürk Highschool of Kadıköy since the entrances have been
painted. The name plate which has been completely painted in black has not been taken out yet. The
gates and the name plate of Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Highschool of Yenibosna have been painted. Being
totally massed up the cleaning work have been carried out all day.