Jose Antonio Gutiérrez Yalnız Değildir!’in editörlerinden, Workers Solidarity Movement üyesi yoldaşımız José Antonio Gutiérrez D. Kolombiya’da tutuklanmıştır.
WSM’den yoldaşlarımızın gönderdiği bilgilendirme mesajını paylaşıyoruz.
Devletlerin baskılarıyla yılmayacağız!
Yaşasın devrimci anarşist mücadelemiz!
Devletlerin baskısına yılmadan mücadeleye devam eden Jose Antonio yalnız değildir!

Our comrades from Workers Solidarity Movement and one of the editors of anarkismo has been arrested by army in Colombia.
We are sharing the message of comrades from WSM.
We won’t be afraid by the repressions of states!
Long Live Revolutionary Anarchism!
Jose Antonio, who struggle against the repression of state, is not alone!


A friend and comrade Pepe has been arrested in Colombia during his work as a human rights activist., please take a few secs to to email/call contacts below to help ensure his safe passage. This need to happen before 11am Irish time
Jose Antonio was in Remolino del Caguan region of Colombia this morning ready to take a boat towards Cartagena del Chaira ( In the Caqueta region, in the south of the country), when he was stopped and detained by the army who proceeded to interrogate him.
When he was released, it was already too late and he was not able to take the boat towards Cartagena del chaira.
Jose was able to get in touch with me for only a few minutes today around 21:30 pm to inform me about this situation. As you know Jose in currently working as researcher assistant for Renan Vega, a member of the historical commission created in the framework of the peace dialogues and his presence in Caqueta is part of the work he is conducting for the commission.
During my short conversation with Jose he asked me to please contact our friends in Ireland and ask them to make sure that he is on that boat and safe tomorrow 31t of October at 7: 00 am (12: 00 pm in Ireland)
Given the risk that human rights activists confront in Colombia, I believe that this situation raises serious concerns about the safety of our friend and I ask you to please contact the Colombian embassy in the UK, the Colombian minister of foreign affairs and any other ministry or person that can help to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of our friend.
Please send a message to the following demanding safe passage to human rights activist Jose Antonio
Maria Angela Holguín Cuellar
Minister for Foreign Affairs.
[email protected]
Colombian Ambassador in London:
egranbreta[email protected]
[email protected]
Dublin Consulate:
Mr. Juan Pablo Gutierrez
[email protected]