The state of Turkey pursues a new war with its with old policies filled hostility, its tanks, cannons, fighter jets and warmongers. In the lands we live, the parliment which was almost never worked after the changes called “Presidential Government System” convened immediately with the war on their agenda. Hands in the parliment were up for the war. The ones who expressed “Erdogan leads 80 million people to the disaster” in every opportunity, did not hesitate to support the war this time.

Not even 10 years have passed since the beginning of the war, in which many states have acquired a place in Syria over time; The State of Turkey, like many other states, continues to act as if it had no role in starting and spreading of the war.

With the new missive, the Turkish State decided to re-enter to the geography that it partly occupies, with the excuse of “protecting its own territorial integrity” . The heads of state were not ashamed to talk about peace, nor they were ashamed to name the war that they lead for their own interests, as peace. In the war operation called “Peace Fountain” warplanes, especially non-discriminating air strikes were put into operation immediately. All of this has started to take place before the eyes of the states and public opinion allegedly “condemnating” the Turkish State.

While the US withdraws its troops, it declares that the endless war “ends for them” and adds that Turkish State has to accept the ISIS mobs, which Europe does not accept to take back.

The state that watched and paved the way to the massacres of our comrades, siblings and friends in the land we live, now undertakes the guardianship of ISIS. Starting one day before the anniversary of one of the biggest massaces that took place in these lands, the October 10 Massacre which killed more than 100 of our people meeting for peace, this war foreshadows new massacres.

The media controlled by the state is supporters this policy of war. Not long ago, the media which was in their anti-immigrant rhetoric, asking the Syrians “what they are doing in the land we live in”, never asks what the soldiers of the turkish state are looking for in the land inhabited by Syrians. The media whose duty is supposedly to “deliver the facts to the public”, continues to make warmongering and ignore the massacres. The media, which cannot make any “news” other than the legitimization the Turkish State policy of war, continues its lies with its heroic rhetoric.

All wars waged by powers for their own interests are massacres. Every war promoted by nationalist and militarist policies is a massacre. Every bullet, every bomb targeting the oppressed peoples, has targeted freedom.

Every war that targets freedom is condemned to be lost.
Neither they can win this war nor can they justify the massacres they will make.

Every state that fights the peoples will lose!

Revolutionary Anarchist Action